Health Guidelines at The View

To promote health and safety during this time, The View has compiled a list of practical and highly recommended practices and guidelines for all events held on the premises. It is the client’s responsibility to uphold these guidelines during events at The View.

  • The View is limiting the venue’s capacity to 50% (maximum of 250 guests and onsite vendors in the venue).
  • Limit 6 guests to an elevator (guests who are able may choose to use the stairwells).
  • Limit 6 guests to a table (rather than the usual 8-9 to help practice social distancing).
  • Sanitary stations placed throughout the venue. We provide the tables for the stations, but the client must provide the sanitizer. (It is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water after three uses of hand sanitizer).
  • Buffets must have designated servers; guests may not self-serve. May eliminate buffets and choose table service.
  • All caterers, servers, and bartenders must follow current official restaurant recommendations and wear approved PPE gear while handling consumables.
  • Use assigned tables/seating charts for guests to reduce possibility of utensils and settings being touched by multiple guests.
  • Use disposable pens for guestbook or sign in tables, have wipes to disinfect pens, or provide tissues for guests to cover the pen before use.
  • Shareable props are currently not allowed for photobooths.

1500 Medical Center Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

The View at Fountains is a family owned enterprise that seeks to honor God in all aspects of our businesses. Given the personal attention we provide to users, there may be certain events that would be discordant with our values, and we reserve the right to decline a booking request.

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